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Kreative dentistry is one of the best dental clinics having the best dentist in Gurgaon who treat patients’ dental problems with modern technique & equipment. Through more than 20 years of providing innovative solutions that improve dental health and quality of life for those in need of quality dental treatment services, Kreative dental & implant center has established itself as one of the most experienced dental clinics in the city. Our approach to quality treatment & care focuses on a commitment to providing a level of expertise, training, patient service, and monitoring that is difficult to match in our industry.

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We take care of our patients by maintaining proper hygienic conditions and sterilization of tools and equipment.

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Asked Questions​

Our tongue, mouth, and teeth contain different types of bacteria Some bacteria are helpful, but some decay your teeth because they need sugar to create an acid that makes cavities with time and hence is the cause of tooth decay.

Factors that may increase the risk of Cavity formation in a tooth are:

  • Poor Brushing habits
  • High crab food
  • Dry mouth
  • Absence of fluoride in toothpaste.

Everyone should be very cautious about eating patterns throughout the day If children are drinking too many juices and sugar beverages. this will impact their tooth and weight.
Parents should provoke their children to eat more fruits and vegetables in their meals.
Everyone should adopt structured solid meals and snacking patterns instead of taking 100 percent juices and beverages all day.
If you still see any white scar that is a sign of loss of minerals in the tooth or any hole in your teeth. please message us. We will suggest the best cost-effective dental service along with the right choice of food for your teeth.

Painful sores like cancer sores may interfere with your eating and appear on the inside of the lips, gums, tongue. roof of the mouth or throat. They are usually harmless and heal on their
own after a few weeks.

Recurring sores may indicate other diseases like celeriac disease. Vitamin deficiency, or other diseases. It may cause blisters too.

If the sores are:-

  • Half n inch more massive than the standard size
  • Rash
  • Frequently occurring
  • Joint pain
  • Diarrhea

kindly see your dentist as soon as possible

  • Use a soft fiber brush to clean your teeth.
  • Clean your teeth in a circular motion.
  • Replace your toothbrush every 3 months.
  • Use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue.
  • Use a Dental Flossier to clean leftover food in your side teeth.
  • Rinse after tooth floss.

Tooth Enamel. a hard white coating holding your tooth, is very likely to affect when not cared for properly. Dental plaque may develop in the form of a thin film around the teeth. The bacteria release acid around that area. which may cause cavities. Brushing your teeth twice a day may prohibit the formation of plaque But if the cavities are formed, it is advisable to visit a doctor to fill up the cavities. It is also recommended to use fluoride gel at home, as suggested by the doctor.

Many people ask these questions.

  • Is Dental Implant painful?
  • Is Dental implant Safe?


The success rate of Dental Implant is 97% for 10 years. In this process. at first a proper plan is made on the basis of your bone density and alignment. Dental implants are a good option for keeping your health and wellness. It will make your adjacent teeth less sensitive In dental implants a titanium socket is placed in the root and left to rest for 6 to 12 weeks in which the jawbone grows around the metal post. Then the artificial tooth is fixed on that socket.

Get the best dental implant experience in India at Kreative Dental and Implant centre.

Talk to our doctor if are in doubt or fear about the treatment.

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