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Get a Pearl smile
at an affordable price at Kreative Dental and Implant Centre, Gurgaon.
SMILE is the first gesture of your expressiveness.
We are Expert Professionals in SMILE CORRECTION.
Dr.(Maj) Chandra Prakash specializes in diagnosis and treatment of all surgeries related to oral and maxillofacial regions.
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dentist in gurgaon
Best dentist in Gurgaon

Dentist in Gurgaon

Welcome to Kreative Dental & Implant Centre

We welcome you to our clinic with your queries and dental problems. I believe in offering you the best Toothcare and Dental Implant treatments in Gurgaon that give you your best smile at an affordable price. Kreative dentistry has a team of best dentist in Gurgaon. We believe in giving excellence with lifelong satisfaction and a forever bond which made us connected to families and our nearby communities.

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Our Team Of Dental Specialists

Dr (Major) Chander Prakash Maxillofacial surgeon & oral implantologist
Dr. Siddharth Jain
Dr. Siddharth Jain Consultant Orthodontist

We take care of our patients by maintaining proper hygienic conditions and sterilization of tools and equipment.


We care because, in life, you deserve to smile!

best implant dentist in gurgaon

My approach to dentistry facilitates thorough, accessible, cost-effective, and reliable quality of treatment.

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    Polaris hospital timings

    Dr.(Maj) Chandra Prakash as now available at Polaris Hospital on
    Monday and Tuesday(Strictly on Appointment).

    Timings- 10 AM TO 4 PM.

    Malibu town clinic timings

    Monday, Wednesday to Saturday : 10:00 to 14:00 & 16:00 to 19:30

    Sunday : 10:00 to 14:00

    Tuesday closed

    Our Blogs

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    IMPLANT CLINIC UNDER THE UMBRELLA OF COVID PREPAREDNESS Your health and safety is extremely important to us. Give us an opportunity to care for your dental treatment needs, we are making sure you come back to a safe environment.We have taken the following steps to ensure your and the staff safety……. Sterilization and Infection control has always been a top…

    why are regular checkup so imp

    Why Are Regular Check-Ups Are So Important?

    When you visit the dentist, you heard the recommendation to “come back in 6 months.” Regular dental check-ups are best done twice a year to keep teeth and gums healthy and clean. But why? Couldn’t you just go every year or every other year? Similar to keeping a car clean, oil changed regularly, and the fluids checked, visiting the dentist…

    gum dieases

    How Gum Disease Affects Your Long-Term Health

    Oral hygiene is about more than maintaining pearly white teeth and preventing cavities. The state of your oral hygiene contributes to your overall health. When we fail to take care of our teeth and gums, we are putting our bodies at risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses. Periodontal disease is one.

    What People Says

    Patient Testimonials

    Very satisfied with his work. Very friendly and cooperative person.

    Satinder Khanna

    Have been coming to this clinic since 2015. Extremely satisfied with Dr. Prakash  has amazing skills and patience. After treatment we come for preventive and maintenance. God Bless him and his skills.

    Dr. Kamlesh Bhargava
    Nov 2017

    Dr. (Maj) Chander Prakash was qualified to carry out my dental implant with a cautiously organized treatment plan, personal care, and fellow feeling. In my opinion, Kreative Dental & Implant Centre is the best dental clinic in Gurgaon.


    Natisha Thappa
    Nov 2017

    Really impressed with his knowledge, skills and dexterity.

    Paramjeet Singh

    It was a great pleasure interacting with Dr. Major Chandra Prakash, Professionally and personally The denture was repaired to the entire satisfaction. I look forward to future visits as and when any dental work comes up.

    Major General(Dr)M.P. Singh

    I am very happy and fully satisfied with the doctor’s treatment.

    Dr. Ravinder Yadav

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our tongue, mouth, and teeth contain different types of bacteria. Some bacteria are helpful, but some decay your teeth because they need sugar to create an acid that makes cavities with time and hence is the cause of tooth decay.

    Factors that may increase the risk of Cavity formation in a tooth are:

    • Poor Brushing habits

    • High carb food

    • Dry mouth

    • Absence of fluoride in toothpaste.

    Everyone should be very cautious about eating patterns throughout the day. If children are drinking too many juices and sugar beverages, this will impact their tooth and weight.

    Parents should provoke their children to eat more fruits and vegetables in their meals.

    Everyone should adopt structured solid meals and snacking patterns instead of taking 100 percent juices and beverages all day.

    If you still see any white scar that is a sign of loss of minerals in the tooth or any hole in your teeth, please message us. We will suggest the best cost-effective dental service along with the right choice of food for your teeth.

    Painful sores like canker sores may interfere with your eating and appear on the inside of the lips, gums, tongue, roof of the mouth, or throat. They are usually harmless and heal on their own after a few weeks.

    Recurring sores may indicate other diseases like celiac disease, Vitamin deficiency, or other diseases. It may cause blisters too.

    If the sores are :

    • Half n inch more massive than the standard size

    • Rash

    • Frequently occurring

    • Joint pain

    • Diarrhoea

    • Kindly see your dentist as soon as possible.

    • Use a soft fiber brush to clean your teeth.

    • Clean your teeth in a circular motion.

    • Replace your toothbrush every 3 months.

    • Use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue.

    • Use a Dental Flosser to clean leftover food in your side teeth.

    • Rinse after tooth floss.

    Tooth Enamel, a hard white coating holding your tooth, is very likely to affect when not cared for properly. Dental plaque may develop in the form of a thin film around the teeth. The bacteria release acid around that area, which may cause cavities. Brushing your teeth twice a day may prohibit the formation of plaque. But if the cavities are formed, it is advisable to visit a doctor to fill up the cavities. It is also recommended to use fluoride gel at home, as suggested by the doctor.

    Many people ask these questions.

    • Is Dental Implant painful?
    • Is Dental implant Safe?

    The success rate of Dental Implant is 97% for 10 years. In this process, at first a proper plan is made on the basis of your bone density and alignment. Dental implants are a good option for keeping your health and wellness. It will make your adjacent teeth less sensitive.

    In dental implants a titanium socket is placed in the root and left to rest for 6 to 12 weeks in which the jawbone grows around the metal post. Then the artificial tooth is fixed on that socket.

    Get the best dental implant experience in India at Kreative Dental and Implant centre..

    Talk to our doctor if you are in doubt or fear about the treatment.

    Invisible Aligners are also called Invisible Braces or Clear Aligners. To correct your bite, the dentist will make a plan to move your overcrowded, crooked teeth. Throughout treatment, you will be equipped with multiple models of invisible aligners that allow minor changes to move the teeth. Invisible Aligners are made of a clear plastic or acrylic material and fit tightly over the teeth, but they can be removed for chewing, cleaning, and flossing. Within a month, you will get a new aligner to continue pushing the teeth into the desired position. Dentists at Kreative Dental clinic make sure to give you a smooth bite and best smile experience using the fine quality Aligners.

    Braces use brackets joined by wires to enable teeth to move. The dentist will take the x-ray of your face and teeth and will plan your treatment accordingly. Braces are dental devices to correct the placement of your teeth. Braces come in different materials like metal, ceramic, linguers, and aligners.

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