Kids Dentistry

Kids Dentistry

Specializing in Children’s Oral Health, we have extensive experience in advanced dental education and child practice.

The best Pediatricians in Kreative Oral Surgery in Gurgaon dedicate their practice to diagnosing and treating children, including children with special needs.

At Kreative Oral Surgery, dentists and their assistants know how to make young patients feel comfortable. Guided by body language, facial expressions and words, the dental team assesses how much extra time is needed to adjust to the surroundings.

As a result, children receive a lot of praise and explanation.

Using the “tell-show-do” technique, the dentist or dental assistant presents a tool to the child and demonstrates how it will be used before work begins. Answering questions honestly also helps with special conditions.

For Example, the dental team gives “sleep juices,” not shots, that make one part of the mouth “feel like your arm or leg is sleeping.” The dentist “pulls out” the tooth instead of pulling it out.

Cotton rolls are tooth pillows and fluoride is a tooth vitamin. Starting regular dental check-ups from the age of one year, your child will become a confident, happy dental patient for a lifetime.

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For your child’s dental health, contact the experts at Kreative Oral Surgery, Child Dental Oral Surgery in Gurgaon.

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